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My fiancé of one year recently accepted a job offer which moves him to NY from living with me in Florida. Since the beginning of our relationship we have never spend more than 2 nights away from one another. He came across the job suddenly and was hired within two or three days. I knew that it was coming sooner or later with him being a boat captain and all, but I didn’t think it would happen within a matter of days. I went from having my best friend and my soulmate with me every single day to being alone, working and caring for myself with no company. I’ve never had an issue with being by myself before (i’m a very independent person) but him leaving has put me into the state of anxiety and I have no idea how to deal with it. The owner of the boat also offered me a job, but I’m put between a rock and a hard place because him and I don’t work well together under stressful situations (working on a small confined boat is always stressful) but it would mean a pay raise for me and a humongous pay raise for him. But I’ve also invested almost 7 years of my life into a company that I’m working for right now and can’t find the strength to depart from that without knowing what’s ahead. Wanting to extend an arm to help him and make more money, but also being afraid to leave what I’ve worked on for so long.

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Any change in life brings it challenge and longing to go back to previous comfortable ways. So yes its ok to way you feel. Now if you look the events are positive with some discomfort. However if you imagine one year from now you will state " that incident gave me strength to know I can be independent in truly all respect and not just financially". As far leaving a job is concerned making a switch is no bad thing however if its something totally different with no future prospect as you say better not. If your relationship is strong it will survive with distance if not it was not worthy at place. Take others opinion also and do what your heart says.


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