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My father talks to me in a humiliating tone and exoects me to keep on listening to him afterwards. Today he was lecturing me about something and called me stupid… What was I supposed to do? Continue to listen to him respectfully after being called stupid on my face?? I’m sorry but I cannot stand this. I’m 23 years old and also a girl. Are other girls or my age are also treated this way by their fathers?

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I think you need to take a stand for yourself. You’re an adult and know what’s wrong or right for you. You can calmly tell him that you don’t like him talking to you like that.


Well honestly my sister faced this too. But when she raised her voice for her own good, he started understanding things. Similarly raise for yourself. Coz more you handle the more problem will increase.

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Simran @st1199

So, there are ways and intentions of speaking something. Now, him calling you stupid can be just in a conversation and not else wise or he considers you this in general as well.

There is a difference and if it’s the latter you just say that you don’t like it or that it’s wrong. For me, calling stupid or called by another word, I think I’ll pass than making him understand things knowing how my parents are.


I know it’s feels very humiliating when someone talk to us in an incorrect tone, but you never know why did he behave like this or what was going in his mind. You can keep calm and while he is aggressive and later tell him this is not the right way to talk to me and also ask him what’s the reason for you to talk to me like that. Maybe he had too much going on in his head.


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