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My Father is very backward. He has a tiny mind.
Typical village man behavior. Even tho he has been living in a city from the beginning.
He doesn’t do any housework, not even his own, except for everything to be done by my mother.
He has very awkward topics he talks about. He is arrogant as well, he thinks he is powerful, but no one knows him. Do embarrassing things in public.

All these things hold my brother and me back.
Even when we are freely talking to someone, he will
And when you try to correct him, he gets angry.

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Different people grow up in different kind of environment . they act and behave according to what situations they have faced . not necessary things and people act and understand us the way we want them to . sometimes it do feels suffocated in between few people but blaming won’t fix things up . better to find a way . many people face this . but it’s our perception that can bring some change in our lives


Mmm that’s a tricky issue… I am assuming you are in not accessible to him… so two Pointer action

1- Keep him happy as this gives him validation of power

2- Keep working on your positives

Both actions are interlinking coz as a father you cannot shy away from your love…it states… try to truck his softer points… To maintain a balance in home…

Focus on your life n well being he will comply… No father is your enemy he is just a person with sour experience… Give it to him…


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