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Kat @classyswiftie13

My father in law is a narcissistic devil
He randomly told my boyfriend the other day that theyd stay out of our relationship if they got a say in like moving in together and stuff.

And he won’t be here for our first valentines. He be with them “on vacation” in Florida doing taxes. Im so angry I could scream

My boyfriend treats me like a queen and we have a great relationship.

But his parents are rich narcissistic old boomers who think they know everything…what do we do?

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Kat @classyswiftie13

It’s hard for us because we are both autistic. He is trying his absolute best but the father is emotionally and mentally abusive


Ahh, rich ppl ☕

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Kat @classyswiftie13

Exactly as in has three properties and more money then God rich

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Kat @classyswiftie13

Rep. And they think they can look down on me cuz my family has less money than they do. I hate it. But they get to be together on Valentine’s but not us.

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Bhavna P. @bhavna_pande

Dealing with difficult in-laws can be like navigating a maze, and it sounds like you’ve got a tricky one on your hands. Sit down with your boyfriend for a heart-to-heart, spill your feelings over a cup of coffee or a favorite snack. As a little advice, try to find common ground and tackle this challenge together. If things get too tangled, my counseling services are like a GPS for emotional mazes—here to guide you through and help you both find your way. Remember, you’re not alone in this quirky family adventure. Take care of each other.


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