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my father hates me. he never ever appreciates me or my work. all he does is find faults in me. EVERYTIME.

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Your father stays with you… U so lucky… 🙃🙃

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Literally , I go through exact same thing.

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Won’t say hate, but acc to him I am good for nothing.


I’m really sorry to hear that. I also have a hard relationship with my parents, but be that as it may I know that deep down they love me. They just don’t know how to show that they care in the way I need it. Maybe you’re father is the same way? I’m sure he cares about you and doesn’t hate you <3

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my family is the same it does not matter to them if i excel in any field they think its useless as a girl always have to get married so im not even allowed to dream about a job i understand how it feels but i hope you stay positive throughout all this because something which should matter is that you yourself appreciate your work you know your worth do not let others decide your worth

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