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my family makes me suicidal. it’s been three months since I went out and with all this virus things going on it is almost impossible for me to go out. Before all this, I could get distanced from them because of my university. I’m 19 years old and I’m just trying my best to be what my family wants me to be. I’m trying so hard to be happy but at the end of the day it just too much too handle and I can’t stop thinking how everything is fake and how much I hate them for what I have become. I know I shouldn’t probably blame them but they have been sending me to therapy for more than a year and I have changed my therapist three times because they wanted my parents to come to the sessions, not me. They never accept that they are the main reason that I’m hurt. I just want a way to stay away from them. As long as I’m not with them everything is so much better.

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Always try to think the best part think how much they love and cared and helped how they care during time of need


I couldn’t relate more to your post! I feel like I am the way that I am because of my family, especially my parents who just don’t know how to apologize for their wrongdoings and I’m expected to just get over it. I’m stuck living with them until I find a stable job, but what helps me cope is that I tell myself that this is only a portion of my life and not my whole life. You just have to be patient, but things will get better. You’re stronger than you think you are.


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