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My family is toxic. And sometimes I find myself being toxic too.
Being stuck in quarantine, I cannot escape this insanity.
My family members are so accusatory, want to always blame somebody or something, and they won’t fucking stop speaking. Its hard to listen to them and not get affected by it.
Its v hurtful. And idk what to do. Only options seems killing myself to escape this but I don’t want my family to go thru a trauma of their lifetime by my death.
I’m so stuck. I want to live

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Don’t worry dude everything will gonna be fine things take s time to heal.
You have to take care of yourself and your family as well.
Your parents family loves you most .they are the only one in this selfish world who cares about u u .
Remember starts can’t shine without darkness .and u are star ✨of ur family

.don’t do such things which make them upset.
life is all about ups and downs.
Sometimes we feel happy some times toxic.

We became toxic when things not happening according to us.
Who doesn’t have problems in family .everybody does and it’s ok.we have to solve.

We have to face the problems in life
so be strong .

Conqured problems in your own battle and won like a warrior.

Best wishes in life .I hope you do well.✨✨

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Amrinderpreet @youareimportant

Hey buddy…Nothing is permanent including this hard time that you are going through. Be strong. Try to think about positive things and try to engage yourself in some sort of activity that distracts you and gives time to you like running, exercise at home as its covid-19 now. Or even try enrolling in online classes for any skill that you always wanted to learn.
Stay strong and you are going to be ok and will be very proud of yourself.


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