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My family is giving me so much shit, I don’t want to be here. My dad is constantly putting out all his frustration on me and calling me bad name. A very irresponsible individual. Not worthy of anything. I feel so unloveable and unworthy. I feel I am going no where. Everything is falling apart. I want out. I think I am finally defeated by life. I give up

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Amrinderpreet @youareimportant

Try to think the reasons why they call you such things and stop them there, as its bothering you. Tell them that you need some time or explain them that you are not liking it or so.
And try working on the things one by one and prove them that you just needed some time and motivation rather than negativity.


My friend its good you know who is wrong. There are always people who love for you and care for you. Look around beyond your dad.


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