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My face is full of acne, my friends and family always make fun of me for not having clear skin which led to me being insecure and self- conscious. I would look at celebrities and idols and wish my skin was like theirs. I wash my face every night but I don’t use skincare products since they always make my acne worse. I don’t know what to do and I’m starting to develop self-hate.

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I used to be like you too. I think what helped me was separating what others thought about me from what I think about me. If you want to be happy you have to love yourself, and that is something hard to do. It takes practice. Acknowledge your acne, it is there and you cannot change it. So change your mindset, wake up and notice one thing about yourself that makes you smile, then focus on that thing. Try to come up with more and more things that make you smile about yourself - write them down if you have to and smile while doing so. Practice doing things that make you smile.