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My ex and I were together for 2 years. He called me today and threatened to mess my life up because I posted a picture with a guy, who’s my best friend, who he had a problem with. i basically gave everything to this guy, while he left me heart broken. 
I have a lot of emotional damage. I don’t know how to cope and I don’t know how to feel like I will be okay. My self worth is incredibly low.

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Bani Singh @banisinghvasir

Don’t feel threatened by this person. You have the agency to look out and speak for yourself. Women all over the world are standing by you, including myself. I can understand that this is a hard time for you, and it seems like nothing will ever be okay, but it will be. All you have to do is learn to let go of the toxicity in your life, and you can come out of it. I would suggest reading: article may help you figure out ways of coping that are good and healthy for you. Everything will be okay, I promise. Lots of love ❤️

Therealifecoach @therealifecoach

Hi, my name is Michael. :)I am a realife coach, i.e. I teach people how to solve real-life problems and CURE emotional dis-eases with my personal meditation practices. One of my initial practices is called Non-Meditation, and I practice it at the start of every day so that I begin my days with the mindset of Inner-Peace.
I mention this, because peace, real Inner-Peace is the first step towards discovering your self-worth, healing your emotional damages, and realizing that your heart is not broken, only misunderstood.
To SEE and KNOW these claims to be true for yourself begins with establishing Inner-Peace. Without peace, you will be unable to solve any of these issues on your own because you cannot clearly SEE what is really happening within your personal experience or why you are truly upset.If you could experience peace right now, you would discover The Truth about him, yourself and everything in between. If you held peace right now, you would not be suffering, because you cannot suffer and maintain 100% peace at the same time. And since you cannot do anything about him right now, it is best to focus your attention on establishing yourself in the experience of Inner-Peace. Once there, you can then reevaluate your experiences with him by alternating that peace with the situations mentally. When you are able to see the situations mentally, without reacting, you will find yourself maintaining your peace even in physical circumstances.If you go to, I have written a short guide to Inner-Peace. You can leave your questions as comments on the last page if you have any difficulties with finding your own way; there are more instructions therein if you require additional help or if you would like to participate in the group coaching call today at 5PM Est. @therealifecoach on Instagram.Wishing you the very best :)


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