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My ex and I broke up a year ago. He talked to me today and told me he got involved with someone else for sometime while we had broken up but now he just says he is sorry for it. Should I accept his apology?

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Shashank @tae

Talk 5o her more bro pata hai jab jata hai koi zindagi sai bhoot dukh hota hai or fir wapas aa jaye to dar rahta hai fir wapas wase hi hua to , us sa baat karo aap khud samajho ki usko Genevienly intrest hai ya nhi

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Wanderer @wanderer888

Shouldn’t matter now. Looks like you still care. It’s okay and humane. ❤️

There’s a famous saying, “If anyone wants to fly away, let them go… and if they decide to come back after a while, forgive them and let them go… again!”

Hope this helps…


That really helps :’) thank you!


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