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My dog recently passed away and it’s been hard on me mentally bc I felt like him and I shared a really special bond. He calmed me down during the quarantine and now that he’s gone, I feel so alone and depressed.

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Not going to be like the stereotypes and say that he and his memories are always going to be with you, because im sure many people must have said that and you obviously already know it. see i just cant imagine what youre going through… im sure its really tough during this time and i can only hope you are keeping well… but hey, im always here if you anyday need to talk to someone, or just unburden any thing or thought. please let me know:)


Thanks so much for not replying with a cliched response. Sometimes admitting you have no idea how the other person is feeling validates the feelings that they feel so thank you kind stranger! I think the hardest part is having a lot of time to think about what happened, versus if our world wasn’t at the state that it’s in, then it would be easier to go out and take trips and distract myself for a little while. Thanks for lending an ear to listen! I def need it and this restores my faith in humanity a little in light of the world’s situation. (:


Hey ! you kind of just solved your own problem. so what theres a global pandemic and you have to stay at home ? you can still keep yourself busy which will give you less time to think about stuff, it thats what you really want. Maybe take a course on udemy ? theres an app called 21 days which will help you get into a habit:whichever one you like. Maybe learn the morse code or learn some coin or card tricks? planning to tavel the world? maybe learn some new language ? make an exercise schedule so that youre keeping yourself as healthy as possible. try some home self-care tips ? there are so many more options you have: basically just try to keep yourself as busy as you can, i mean its not that youre losing something ?
Really glad i could be of some help! Always here:)


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