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Child AbuseThought

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It has never been a healthy relation with my father . He has never taken us seriously (us mom brother and me) . He used to run away after every small fight and not give a daamm about is until the next few weeks . Years passed away and we got to know about his extramarital affair . As we got know about this my mom me and my brother were drowned in sadness
Soon he started physically abusing me and I realised it in my 10th …even my mother and brother knew it but didn’t utter a word out of some random reasons which doesn’t matter a lot
I don’t feel safe to stay in my home at the same time my mom doesn’t let me out …I have frnds but not able to reach them when I need them
I hate being daughter of some one who doesn’t give a fuck abt me or my family except for a bitch and her family …who can bare seeing their father doing everything for a random women and her family and not giving a damm thing about his own family I am really stuck… I don’t know what to do I’m psychology exhausted and frequently getting panic attacks . Can you tell me what to do… I’m just done with all this stuff

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