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Anonymous @shah12345

My dad is the worst person I know. The scum of the earth kind. He is an abusive man who does not deserve a wife or kids. I am torn between showing him his place or not bursting his bubble and letting him live out his remaining years.

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3 replies

I know its frustrating situation.
I too got dad issues.
Hope everything turns okay soon for you

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a mind @omax

what did he do? I hope he didn’t fart. farts are not good.
speaking of good, I hope you have a good day! :)


A bad father to a daughter is the worst, I have mine too who is a no gooder, because of him, my sister and i have bad taste in men. we feel deserve less always. Bhavya, sadly we can not choose our parents, lets learn to live with what we have and find happiness in the smallest of places


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