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My dad cheated

He’s someone I look up to, he’s smart and funny, but he cheated on my mom and my mom found out. He has impotence problem, and he didn’t want to let my mom find out, he always go out to drink with his friends, and one day he got drunk and had sex with a pub woman, he said it was a mistake. he then tried to have sex with her four times again but due to his impotence problem, he couldn’t. He told us that he has this impotence problem and he didn’t want to let my mom knows becos of his ego. So he settled to try to go out to have sex with this woman to fix his problem? I feel so bad for my mom, she found out her husband cheated and she doesn’t know what to do. What would you do if you were me? Will you forgive your dad? Or follow your mom’s decision to divorce? Or tell your mom the “truth”?

Anyhow, I don’t understand why would my dad cheat for a reason like this. Is this an excuse? I never imagined something like this to happen to our family, I can’t imagine how devastated my mom must be feeling.

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If you’re 21 or above that age, I think you should let your parents deal with it.
Suggest marriage counseling. It helps most of the time and is a good option right now.
I’m sure you can’t forgive your dad for doing that but if you think about it, he’s allowed to have his own opinions and your mom has done nothing wrong and she’s suffering. I think you should take care of her more than your dad.
amidst all this if you feel like you need a break then just turn off your personal life for a day or two and treat yourself nicely.

I wish you find all the happiness in the world.


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