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My crush was giving me signs that he likes me back. He dates all my friends then leaves
What should I do

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Don’t talk to him … especially if he dated your friends !!!


Okay but I see him everyday


I suggest if he’s just a crush then leave it. if he really likes you then he’ll put in effort and you will see for yourself but then again he just used your friends do you really wanna get involved with him and risk your friendship and your own dignity just for a crush?

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Hey… girl …I know crush type feeling can’t go away easily.but u have to deal wid it …

It seems like he is having kind a play boy image anyway.

Ignorance is the only thing I can say.

Just don’t face him for 4 month just don’t as crush only stay up to 4 months.
If he see you somewhere or you if u see himr just ignore him.
Now in this period of 4 month u have to distract yourself with different things.
Do not see his social media
You can look for another guy.i mean start chatting with other guys will divert your mind in other guys.

Always remember this thing he is not good for you,he is not trustworthy in future .
Have a good day 😀


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