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Amit Roy @amitroy

My cat is missing since Thursday night from our terrace. How, why I don’t know. We searched every possible place but we did not get any sign of him. The worst part is that I don’t know whether he is alive or dead. I don’t know whether to wait for him or loose expectation. He was not an outdoor cat. Wildness or aggressiveness was not in him. He was/is my son, an angel from the heart. He loved to eat and sleep and sit and look outside the window for hours. I used to wonder if he was a poet. He loved pizza, chicken, sweets and milky bar. I just cant think of a day without him. He used to run behind me when I returned from the office. He loved when I cuddled and kissed him. And the last kiss was on Thursday night when I bid him goodnight. He is one year old and not much used to the outside world. He was beautiful from outside and inside. I don’t know whether he will return or not as he was not as smart as other cats but wherever he is I just pray that he is being taken care of. He was my 1st baby and loosing him is a nightmare for me.

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No one 111 @jarul

So he’s still alive most likely. Look for hiding places around where you live terraces near you. Cars and sewers anywhere a small scared animal would think of hiding. Why was he on the terrace in the first place. If he’s been left there everyday he’s an outdoor cat now and will be back in a few days when he feels like it. In addition to that Make a poster for him and put it around. Please put a collar on any cats for identification

Gaurvi Narang @gaurvinaran...

oh no! Losing a pet can truly be so difficult. I am so happy you shared. I hope he is doing well. Your love will definitely make god shower some blessings on him. Take care and do not think too much.


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