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My brother is saying bad words to me, infront of my father , my father dint said a word to my btother

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When he is saying bad word, i am also said started saying same meaning bad words, 2 times i have controlled my self when he is saying bad words to me, 3rd time i started saying same meaning word he got angered on me , he one year younger than me


When he is shouting with out bad words , he is using very abuse language towards me, when relatives came to home when i say my opinion , he will use bad words, unrespetable words in front of my aunt


My father listen all this things he dint a words , father have to stop the quarrel but he dint do that

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Sumit @0367

I got what the problem is, sowmya think what will happen if I try to giving you anything or a gift and you deny to accept it.where the gift will go…? This is even in my hand… Same way if your brother abuse you don’t listen him. His bad words will be there.
Try to be calm… If you think the situation is going to be worse leave that place.and go any other room for sometime. It is upon us how to deal the situation…


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