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My brother attempted to jump off our balcony today , I literally had to hold him by the waist and drag him back . I’m fucking shaking

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Drishti Gupta @drishtigupt...

Hello. I am so sorry to hear this. I can’t even imagine what you must be going through right now. Please take care of yourself and your brother. Just want to say that I’m so proud of you for keeping presence of mind in the moment and helping and saving your brother. I hope all gets better soon - you, your brother and your family. Hoping the best for you all. Sending you lots of love and strength❤️

Deepanshi @deepanshigupta0

I must say you have terrible day ,its hard to even accept that someone around you is feeling so low that he tried this big step. I feel you should talk to him about the problem, TRY TO CONSOLE HIM .
Tell him he is not alone , and i must say you did great job


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