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my brother always picks on me about my weight , im 15 and weigh 103 pounds ☹
is that bad for a 10th grader ? i feel like i should stop eating , and stop doing things that makes him think im β€œfat”

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Krishhh_ @krishhhh_


103 pounds ain’t fat lol πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ … Ignore body shaming comments…Its your little brother tryna annoy you. Don’t react to what he says and he should eventually stop doing it after seeing that you are not bothered by what he says.


Hes prolly just tryna crack jokes at you. my brother does the same thing, especially in arguements. get mad at him when he does that. or tell him he shouldnt say that. not only should he not be speaking to you, his sister, that way, but also what if hes talking to other girls that way. make sure he knows that not okay. thats so rude and its not okay for him to say that to someone whos still growing into their body. also he needs to grow up

scary scary @scary


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