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My boyfriend’s family just got diagnosed with covid and I am at a loss on how to be supportive.
He hates staying at home and this situation has made it worse. Any suggestions on how to make things better are welcome.

Post anonymously?

Be in touch with him more than usual. Don’t go overboard though. Maybe send a few healthy home remedy tips once in a while. If possible get some fruits delivered to his doorstep. You don’t have to do much.


Give him mental support and tell him you are just a call away.

Keep a check on his health hourly and ask him to take medicine on time + gargles+ stream+ fruits+ Check O2 level.

and also create a positive environment, its very important, or else it gonna take a toll on his mental health.

This is what best supporting partner will do :) and I believe you are one of them.


To relax you can Decide on some good netflix shows and watch it together virtually.

To help him and make him feel not alone, you can see if you can arrange to send some essentials if required or have some arrangement in standby for any kind of urgency - like online doc support, do some research on good hospitals or so in any case needed or medicine home delivery or cooked home food delivery if nearby etc. He will feel less burdened and less lonely