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My boyfriend of 5 years is in another state. It’s been hard and I have been feeling distant for a while. I’m super insecure and I talked to him about it. On one occasion he said a co worker would flirt with him and he went out with her and his friend. He told me this years later because he felt guilty after finding out that one of my coworkers had a thing for me. He said we had been on bad terms when he left her in his words “treat him better” than I was. He’s usually really straightforward. I guess I never trust him because he’s always shown me that he’s friendly with everyone. Today I was on social media and saw that he had friended someone I have never met. Someone’s from where he’s staying at. I asked him about it and he said his cousin was the one who did it. I td him he was lying and that I wanted him to remove her. He just blew me off said I’m overreacting and said he’s never cheated. So that I should trust him, that he didn’t want to deal with my insecurities. He then said I love you I can’t with this rn I work. I honestly don’t know what to do.

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I feel the same in a city alone, I hate being alone. More power to you girl 🤍, you’ll het through this.

This thought has been deleted by the thought author
This thought has been deleted by the thought author

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