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my boyfriend keeps trying to kill himself… and I feel so weak and worthelss and pathetic because im not able to help him… how do I stop…?

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Garv Jindal @garv8604

Heyy! I get your situation pretty well but you should not blame yourselves, its not your fault fam, you wanting to support him is already a good gesture. I dont know what problem he’s going through, but he needs you and you know that as well… See you need to be strong and positive and both of you should talk about this more frequently if you dont, discussing the problem will already solve it to some extent. In today’s time you cannot go out or roam around, this is another reason which will provoke his suicidal thoughts, so what you need to do is to concentrate on fun activities which involves you, your boyfriend and the people around you to socialize.
The question is not how to stop this else you must ask yourselves that how you can help him… and trust I BELIEVE IN YOU, THAT YOU CAN HELP!!


Hey, I feel you. I lost my boyfriend to suicide and it was one of the most difficult times. Some things that I wished I would have done differently to avoid this was to constantly check up on him and take professional help.
We never know what is the root cause of this but maybe talking to a professional will help him figure out the underlying issue and that way you will also be able to help him better. And please don’t take any blame on you, I know you care about him and you will be able to help him out of this :)


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