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My boyfriend just complains over and over of me being a girl and how i behave like other girlfriends and how other girls are spoilt by their boyfriends and that’s what he hates to do it to me … He says that he can never expect satisfaction from me bcoz girlfriends can never emotionally satisfy their boyfriends (not in the sexual he means to say it emotionally ) he feels that boys have that tendency to make the girlfriends happy but the same doesn’t go for girls and things like gaming , series can give them emotional satisfaction … It must be true i don’t know … But when he told me today that I don’t expect satisfaction from u it just did hurt me a lot … and it’s always there he keeps making such remarks for me getting the prestige to be the" girlfriend " what should i do???

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ROHIT ROHIT @roomy_glass

Give him space don’t talk to him for a month or two he will come back to you… just give him some space


U really think so ??


Jo Tumhara Hai vah Kude mein baithkar bhi tumhare sath complaint Nahin Karega Kyunki Mohabbat Mein Duniya aur Duniyadari nothing important Har dusri ladkiyan even uska Dhyan hi Nahin uski Mohabbat real Nahin


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