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My boyfriend is controlling and over possessive and tells me how to behave with other guys. He says even If your intentions are pure the guy has something else going on his mind. I understand his jealousy as he is preparing for an exam since 2 years and lives in a different city alone but I don’t like it when he starts making an issue out of every casual thing and tells me what should I’ve done or what should I do. I really don’t want to screw up his exams but I am not sure these are healthy signs in a relationship. We’ve been together since 5.5 years, I am afraid how it’s going to turn out.

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It’s a toxic relationship…ik it’ll be hard for you make yourself out of this relationship asap…I hv been through the same situation


Hey, from one person who got out of a bad relationship. If you feel it deep inside of you, that this is toxic or might get dangerous. Then go. Listen to yourself and dont try to excuse his behaviour.

If you think you can talk to him about it and how you feel without getting a bad feeling, go for it.

But listen to yourself, most of the time you already know what to do. Just dont think you are overreacting or you are to blame yourself.

And long distance is no excuse for controlling behaviour. A relationship can only be a good one if its build on trust

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leo @farhanshaikh

Give him space!
Its 5.5 yrs bond not gonna break that easily!
It may be toxic (as said above by diff people) but yeah

Let him take his time and just hang in there

He might be over stressed for his exams


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