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My boyfriend cheated on me again, this is the second time I caught him texting with a girl behind my back. They dearly called each other in their chat, claiming love towards each other, saying that they want to get married to each other, sending nudes. When I confronted my boyfriend on why he did this to me while still claiming that he still loves me and also wants to marry me, he just said that he is not serious with the woman, he knows that woman has her own family, and it is just jokes between them. I am baffled that when it is this painful to me, and he said it is just jokes? I said that I didn’t ask for more, I just want him to admit his doings and give reasonable reasons that I could understand like maybe he just couldn’t help to fall in love with that woman, or maybe because he was bored. But none, even when I begged him to be sincere about his feelings towards the woman, he said “it’s nothing”. I am deeply wounded, but as every minute passed my heart wants to believe what he said and keep forgetting how he betrayed me, even though I have screenshots of their chat, and it is sick that I still love him and am very truthful with feelings towards him.

At last, I made my mind to break up with him for good but now I feel depressed with my lingering feeling towards him and the pain of being betrayed. I don’t know how to move on. I feel like doing nothing at all and lay on my bed all day long, but I can’t as I have to go to work. At work, I can’t focus to do any work at all. I don’t know what to do anymore.

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I am sorry that you’ve to go through this. I always thought cheating is the worst thing your partner can do to you, but over time I have realised it’s even more worse when they cheat and then deny or pretend it’s nothing. I agree that at times we love them too much to not forgive them. But these are the things that will keep haunting you. The fact that he is reassuring you of the same things you saw him talk to other woman. The audacity to talk to other woman in the same manner he does to you is not justified at any cost. I think you should distance yourself a bit from this. It must be hard, this ain’t easy thing to do and you will feel what you are feeling, but remember… it hurts until it doesn’t. If he is repeatedly making same mistakes, you shouldn’t be punished for that.


im sorry that you have to go through that but i really think you shouldnt hold on to what is killing you, you shouldnt have to drink poison just to keep that person beside you, and i really think that you’ll find someone who is so much better

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I know it’s not easy to calm down right now… so how about giving yourself a little break… go to a pretty beautiful place, like on a trip and enjoy yourself with your friends… if you don’t have any close friends, try making new, invest yourself in something else and you will gradually forget him… trust me, I have been through this phase… just love yourself and accept the reality, moving on is possible and finding someone new is even more possible… 😊


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