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My boyfriend and I want to get married after dating for almost 10 (on and off) but parents are making me choose between him and them. There is absolutely no problem with regarding anything just because he is my boyfriend they don’t want him .

Post anonymously?

Just cos he is ur bf i don’t think tht will b the only prob…

U need to talk to ur parents politely n understand whts the issue only after tht u can find a solution

Marriage is not only bout u n him it’s bout two families coming together , ur kids spending time with their grandparents n many more…

Take things calmly n be polite while talking & discussing the same wit ur parents…


But what if their parents won’t agree what about love


1. Overthinking n assumptions always lead to problems…

2. V don’t communicate or thn v don’t communicate the right way

Which parents will not wanna see their kids happy… Talk to them calmly… Ur their princess afterall ya


Ohh you don’t know my parents 🥺


Everyone here is Anonymous ☹️☹️☹️
I’m not sure if it was the original post owner or just a random thought

Bt ya every problem does hav a solution


Yes I don’t know ur parents… Bt I don’t think ur parents will not understand u…

V sometimes get scared to open up n talk to them bt thy always ready to support us


I’ll hope to hear from u back once u speak to ur parents


You got 2 choices either you are independent than get married
Or you listen to your parents


I suggest don’t make hasty decission… Problems will always come in life… Try n fix those problems…


Caste difference?


If there is no problem then there is no reason to chose they should be happy with your decision and support you or there is reason that’s concerned. Or you should ask them and clear it out. Moreover if you get married tomorrow you need both if them because they are your family you are ready to start your own family…there is some clarity needed