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My boyfriend and I are in a very loving relationship and I love him so much. Yesterday we fought for some reason and he disrespected me. He has no regrets about it and is not even talking to me properly. I’m also not talking to him because I want him to apologize for being disrespectful. Do you guys think that he loves me or should i continue being with him if he doesn’t care about my self respect?

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Well you need to tell him how you feel. Be open About how you felt when he disrespected you. Tell him how bad you feel. And if he still doesn’t care. Let it go. Things will fall into place when it should and as it should.


Never ever compromise disrespect

Karthik @great_whisper_2


First u have to understand whether he also feels it as a disrespect for u else he will never know and he will keep on doing it … if a guy can’t respect an girl … then u r going to have this life long … it’s high time u try to talking to him and decide how to move on further

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