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My board exams are going on. Still I am not able to concentrate better in my studies. The reason is that ‘will i be able to score good marks or not?’ I know studying will obviously help me do so. But I am not able to face this dilemma.

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it’s okay to be anxious and afraid but don’t let it eat you up. Calm down and meditate for a while. Try and give it your best shot. all the best!


Hey, firstly I hope this message of mine finds you in great health. Concentration is a phenomenon that is always subjective to a person, you can not expect you to concentrate for 5 hours straight if your best friend can. It’s if your focus and fringe can not go beyond One hour, and it’s also Ok if it’s less than that. And I also realise that’s not enough for the pattern of exams you’re appearing in.
So, this is coming from someone who gave the exams just last year.
Boards are over hyped, and when I say this, I mean it with everything. Nothing apart from your main course book is going to be tested so don’t spend your time doing stuff that doesn’t matter. Stick to the course and if you’re having problems learning. Underline the keyword of each line and make a flow chart using those. And read the text again and again. Don’t learn it in elaborate if you can’t at once. Religiously read two pages and then the next two, come back to the previous two and so on.
All the best for the exams, you’ll do extremely well (because well in that pattern everyone does) and you’ve made it through two more-difficult-than-boards preboards mate, give yourself some credit.
And always remember, family might not necessarily understand it, but your worth is more than your academics. You’ll do very well, don’t let it get you.

Love and Light, T.


I get it man

Gaurvi Narang @gaurvinaran...

Please dont think about the end result! Your anxiety about the exam and the marks is making you flustered. Take some time off to chill, evaluate how to go about studying, and only focus on your work and not the result.


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