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My birth father…not a dad by any means…who sexually abused me and my sister as children…is harassing us on social media. I’ve rried to reopen the case my mother started when I was 16…but the authorities seem to not care or take no further action in my area…ive far outgrown my fear and am sick to my stomach with anger from the harassment he is doling out…more for my sister than I…

My sister tho seems to not want to talk to me…wmshe moved away. And we hablve had our sister quarells but she seems to not want to talk to me anymore…but we need to stand together on these issues wherein I feel alone in dealing with them. Noone outside my immediate family knows of the atrocities of this…I dare say “man”…I’ve dealt with these things for a long time before finally telling my mother at 16 of what he’s done… And i ses now what she mens when she says she’s really tried all she can do…because even now…at 26 Im trying to recall legal attention to it…but noone gets back to me…my father is sending disgusting nessages about the things hes done and wants to do… …and saying things like he knows where we live . …yet this doesn’t scare me…it scares me about what ill do with such pent up anger at how i ask for aid…but noone who is supposed to will come to my aide…I will GLADLY handle things my way but it wont be legal…yet i would deal with the cinsequences…yet the one whose hurt me and sister and split our family isnt getting the so-called karma they deserve…what is with police and law enforcement? Sometimes I hate being female…just for these issues…sometimes I just hate men and men in authority…because they abuse their power…but wont use the power to do whats right…im very angry…what do i do because everything i do seems futile…

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Simran @st1199

I support you and urge you too call 100 so that legal actions can be taken right away. THIS IS NOT RIGHT. HE DOESN’T HAVE ANY RIGHT TO DO THIS.
When you are right, everything will be in your favour and he won’t get away with it. Maybe it’s time that some family members too know his truth and you get more help.


Anonymous tip always works. If you don’t want your family in trouble, ask any of your friend to give the tip.


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