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My biggest dream is to become a model and my neighbor (about 60years old)  used to be photographer for some top magazines here in Greece, so he asked me to pose for him in underwear but I don’t know if I’m ready for that 
Female 17years old


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For modelling , it’s very important to showcase your inner as well as your beauty.
You have the following options:
1. If you are comfortable in posing in underwear, and you think it is necessary, go for it. For safety perspective take someone along, someone from your friends and family.
2. Suggest and try for alternates where you are comfortable


I am also a photographer but first u thinking that u need that kind of portfolio then only go for it

OK, definitely DO NOT POSE IN YOUR UNDIES. I’ve been there, i’ve have intimate relations that I hate myself for and I’ve been abused and I wish that on no one. Find another photographer, please please and be careful! If you do pose, for the love of all things good DO NOT DO IT ALONE!! sorry for the shouting, I just don’t want you hurt dude :D good luck!