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My bf sent me this message, what should I do?::::::: “I feel like you love me only when I’m happy.” You always say this.First tell me 3 reasons you have to be sad for you’re getting food,shelter,a place to sleep or am i hurting you? or am i avoiding you?No why do you have to feel sad? The thing is you’re chasing pain,sadness I don’t know why.Lemme give you few examples:1) Once we had a great conversation outside the bus for an hour but suddenly once you got into the bus you became all sad thinking about something while i was happy that we had a great conversation 2)We had a splendid day out and there were uncountable good things to take but what did you focus on? A random reaction from some girl and stick to it avoiding all the good memories.You do say that you acknowledge all the good things but i don’t think so you just give more importance for the things that went wrong.It’s not wrong to acknowledge the bad things but that’s what you are only acknowledging.By victim card i meant this, you saying “I’m the problem” “I’m the one to blame” etc. If i say any of those you can say it but I didn’t complain any of the shit.You gotta work on your OVERTHINKING coz it’s affecting both of us.Not because I want you to change.

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If you believe he’s right and you do unnecessary overthinking then you need to do something about it


You need to understand him… Well ik if you had a great time together but still he feels sad maybe because he miss you… At that time you should try to console him
… Just tell him how much you like him… Ik if this happens everytime you may feel why is he even being sad but just try to give him all the love and care he deserve…


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