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My bf and I got together 4 years back. He is younger than me (not by much) so among us I was the first one to start working. Typically at that age he did not understand how work life works. He used to be insecure about me talking or going out with colleagues. And he has been by my side with all his heart like never made me feel alone even for a moment. Now he has started working but he has conditioned me to certain beliefs which is tough for me to let go of suddenly. Now that he is seeing work life first hand he does has changed his behaviour and stopped being very possesive about me. He has always shown that he has loved me and even stood by me through a major operation (alone during his exams with the absense of my parents) but now I suddenly doubt that moving from student life to work life does he feel like he has better options and hotter girls ? Is that why he is nt so possesive anymore? Although our old life was kind of toxic why do I feel like I want it back? Some girls in his team even flirts with him like anything and he is not doing much to stop them as well. He says no they aren’t flirting only u think that everyone is behind me. I’m also facing some body image issues and hormonal prob. Someone please tell me what to think cz I’m tired of thinking 😭

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