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Sayali @sayaliii3

My bf and I decided to take break . Because of some issue . It’s just a day . He started again trying to contact me . But he is the one who want to keep this relationship in a friend way after dating for a year . Because of my mistake . He can’t forgive me for that . He always keep bringing them again and again . I want him to forgive me for it , that’s why we just decided to stay as a friend . But when it’s break we should not talk to each but he is trying to contact me and even I’m not avoiding it I answer all his call . But the conversion are not normal . If he miss me he should say . He don’t accept anything.

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Sayali @sayaliii3

Yeah exactly . The day we started dating I was the only one he use to talk to. And now it’s become an habit for both of us . But I want him to heal things which are hurting him . That’s why the space and break is necessary . But if we talk daily then what the use of that normal everything feel normal like before and I don’t want that . Because now I’m trying to find myself . because I gave more than myself in this relationship . Now I want me . I love him . But he confuses me sometime . First of all he don’t express at all . Which make things more complicated for both us . Even now when he miss me he try to hide it . But his action shows that he does .

This thought has been deleted by the thought author

Sayali @sayaliii3

But I’m really confused now . Like he says be prepare anything can happen . This break can turn into actual breakup now for me there no hope left . I can’t just keep waiting for someone .even when I love him . Just because I love him I should wait . Why can’t he understand we are all not perfect . Mistake happen .we should forgive and forgot . But if you can’t then let us moveon which will be better for both of us . But we both are trying to hold on each other. Idk what to do in such situation I’m so confused now


Whatever you wrote here, just tell this to him. You are hesitating coz you dont wanna hurt him , but please understand that its necessary for both of you to take break

Sayali @sayaliii3

Yes I’ll try to sort the things out .


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