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my bf and i broke up because of or family and i convinced him “lets wait until we became independent then they will agree” i have said it but i don’t know if they will or not cause our family are strict also. And i won’t be able to contact him for 5 years he told me that and he is going abroad also .Even though he said he will try if my feelings are same like this in future he will try but only after 5 years . Do you guys thinks he will wait for me ? 😶

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It truly depends, plus a lot of things can happen in five years. You or him might find other people as well. However you might not loose interest in him and vice versa. It’s all about commitment and trust, really.

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no its about the girl issues his family members believes in fortune teller and that have told them he will have have problem from girls so he should stay away from girls until 5 years and i believe him as he have closed his all social accounts also i trust him and myself for not getting over this feelings plus i have told him i will wait and he agree if i have same feeling after 5 years then he might also try


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