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My bf and I broke up 2 months ago ,between then we had an on and off texts and fights but now we are in contact with each other he text me saying he still has feelings for me, we are not in relationship but he told he will talk to me after lockdown .Currently I’m in my hometown and can’t meet him for another 5-6 months or a year ,he told me he will wait for me .
He texts me in ten or 15 days .But recently he asked me to send me my pic in a dress that I wore when we used to date together and I said no because I did not feel comfortable as I don’t want to send my pics to ex , after that he behaved rudely and did not respond well to my texts ,it’s been week since we last texted each other as I don’t want to text him first because he was rude when I said no to pics .On one hand he said we should wait on another hand he flirts with me gives me mix signal .I
don’t understand why should we wait for a year if he wants to be in relationship then he should have clear thing out .What should I do and I feel like I should not meet him as he is not even sure what he wants ,he only text me when he misses me or feel lonely but when I text him he did not respond properly and replied to my texts in 6-7 hours then how can he say that he still has feelings . I can’t wait for a year if we can sort things out but he is not willing to talk over text and daily I’m on emotional rollercoaster and wants answer and trying so hard to not to text him .And one more thing when we broke up we want different things in relationship and it was mutual breakup but then he texted again .Does he really love me ?
This is very confusing .Should I wait for him or should I just cut him out of my life I can’t decide plz help me out .

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You have to remember one very important thing - if you are still not with him, then you are not obligated to send him any of your pictures, may that be dressed or not. Also it seems like you yourself are also feeling a bit lonely. The way he responds to your texts shows that he only tries to contact you when he is lonely or does not have anyone else to talk to. Don’t let his texts carry you over. You have a strong mind to control your emotions. Try to do it. You said one thing right, if he is that interested then why wait so long? Trace back your steps, check your own desires, double check if they hurt you before and then look at yourself, what you would like? Then decide. But remember, once you let someone back in your life, there is a big possibility of that person to take you for granted again. So be very careful and take your time before making any decision.


Thank you 😊


Here it goes, this person has summed up the points precisely. 👏
Check this out, this video helped me in a similar situation:
Hope this helps. Stay strong and know that you are awesome and your energy shouldn’t be accessible to everyone. 😊


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