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My bf, always end up saying that lets take a break. He doesnt wsnt to listen. If I ask him to say or ask him to listen or if i keep my point he says that I play a victim card…
Is it that boys need too much space? And they like to be left alone?
Or is it that they dont like to argue?
Because, everytime i put efforts towards him, he goes away and everytime i leave things… He is the one to come back…

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Garv Jindal @garv8604

Heyyy! I totally get your situation and I also understand that it feels very frustaing and you feel like just quitting everything and just leave but on another instance things go well and you cannot leave. Its pretty natural and valid in long distance relationships(as you have mentioned so) both of you might not get meet each other frequently and might be having communication problems.
You see at times it is very difficult to understand what is going on with your partner because there are things which you both cannot talk about with each other. As you said that it seems like your boyfriend need a lot of space, this space is required when he cannot tell a certain thing to you and YES boys do that😅 They dont like to left alone but at times they what to be felt alone(male psychology), they wanted to girls to be there but not react in some situations.
Now lets come to you, you also feel bad because you also do have feelings right. You also wanted him to understand in case he doesn’t…which in your situation looks a bit frequent i guess(plss dont quote me😅🙋‍♂) I feel you fam, you might bhi thinking that Im a guy too so how do I have a say!?🙄 But fam feelings are neutral, they are same for a guy and a girl😊
So now the main point how to improve the situation, just give each other some time…see I’m not talking about space its time ayy…dont get upset there are always ups and downs in a relationship, the reason once last long and flourish is giving each other time, some individual space, communicate and unite. Trust each other and try facing problems TOGETHER 😇
Wish you both lotss of strength and hope things last longgggggg and your Relationship comes out BEAUTIFULLY🤗💛


Thanks a ton! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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Garv Jindal @garv8604

My pleasure😊✨❤️


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