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my bestfriend yelled at me she always does this, when this happened for the first time I thought maybe she was in aher or she just said it out of frustration but this is becoming repetitive now, she always cut me off, yells at me and speaks to me rudely, even when we are with our group of friends she will talk very nicely to everyone but snap at me, i love her i genuinely do and i think that’s the only reason why I have always not taken this seriously, i always think that she’s frustrated, or angry and that’s why she’s saying these rude words and that it’s going to be okay she will speak to me nicely when her mood gets better, but since the last few days it’s getting too much, i feel like a burden nobody talks to me nicely, i breakdown because of this a lot. I have a lot of emotional attachment towards my bestfriend and that’s why I feel so so so bad, i cried a lot thinking about this today, it’s affecting ne so bad

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