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My bestfriend died 3 months ago. We’ve been together for 13 years. Everything feels numb. I dont know what i am doing. I want to tell him about what all happened to him. I make conversations in my head to talk about him. His chats and videos and photos and audios haunt me. I miss him. The moment i smile or laugh or feel better about something, there’s a guilt inside me which tells me that I am not supposed to be happy and i have lost my bestfriend. It’s been for the first time in so many years that we both haven’t talked. I dont even know where he is. How is he. How do i stop feeling this? When will i get back to normal? Initially i felt the pain will go away with the time but no, it is increasing day by day. I can’t remember sleeping without crying in these 3months. Will i be this weak for the rest of my life? My parents are worried. Everything is so messed up. I am so angry on him that he left me so soon. This is not fair. There’s no god. If he was somewhere he wouldn’t have done this to me, to him, to his family. I lost him forever. This thought scares me everytime.

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Hey. Firstly, may your best friend’s soul rest in peace. And second and most important is that your friend has gone to a happy place. And wherever he may be, he would have always wished the best for you. So be happy for him. He wants to see you happy up from there.


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