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my “best friend” is someone that i love dearly but i don’t think she loves me as much as i love her, i will always be there for her no matter what but i don’t wanna be that close with her anymore, she isn’t really there to talk about serious stuff with and she isn’t truly there for me when i need help, when i’m at my worst she can’t even tell and doesn’t try to, i don’t know what to do anymore because i don’t wanna hurt her cause she’s been hurt a lot but i’m not sure what to do

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You should try and not have any expectations from her for emotional support. It will only hurt you as she isn’t as involved as you are.

Also, love is all inclusive even with friends (girl & boy) there is always no need to tag relationship. You can be true friends mutually while accepting you don’t share the chemistry for a intimate relationship.

It’s no harm helping her whenever she wants within your capacity. But don’t expect anything in return. It’s time for you to move on for good.