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My best friend doesn’t like my past relationship, because I lie about it to them. I don’t share anything with them because of some reasons.
Today she told me, like I’m not a trustworthy person because I used to lie before. It’s really hurt me, before I’m not lie to her but I’m trying to hiding my relationship because my best friends don’t like him.

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Mitr iss bar wo sahi hai as a friend side sai bhale wo uss ladke sai nafrat krti ho lekin apko batana chahiye tha unhe


See. It’s completely fine by your side to hide a relationship from anyone. But point to ponder is why you want to hide from everyone


It was early stage of my relationship, he is from different communities and he working as driver. I knew they will oppose him. I’m thinking to told them after sometime. But they come to my house talk to my mother about it without my knowledge.


Communicate with her. That’s the only thing you can do rn. Tell her the reason why you didn’t tell her about your relationship, a true friend would understand.


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