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My best friend and I have been friends for, let’s say 5 years but we no longer attend the same school. And when we talk it’s natural and it feels like nothing has changed. But it has she’s growing as a person and so am I and there’s no issue with that. But my problem is, the last time I talked to her I told her that I felt lonely and had nobody to talk to. And she told me that she was having diner and she’ll be done in about 30 minutes and then we’ll talk.So, I waited and waited and waited and finally she didn’t message so I went to sleep. And the icing on the cake was the fact that she was online and was posting status’ like she usually does.
What hurts the other is that I always make her a priority and wherever she’s hurting or just needs someone I’m always there and I make sure of that, but I don’t feel as if she’s there for me, you know?
And we’re even over opposites she’s an extrovert and I prefer to keep to myself. She has billions of friends and I only have a few that call my true friends.
I honestly do not know what to think, but it did hurt and sometimes I feel like I’m dragging her down and she’s only friends with me for the sake of it.
What should I do?

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I get u…but people are just like that…telling u to not expect anything is easy …but I know making it is really hard…but I just want to say that “No matter how hard you try people always place u where they want to and not where you deserve to be”…so if you want to be with her try out but not at the cost of ur peace…Let go…it’s gonna b fine someday🤞


Honestly, unintentionally sometimes we have so many thoughts we forget to call back. It’s true because this has happened with me as well. It’s not because I care less for my friends or family but it’s unintentional. Don’t let this one incident mar years of your friendship. Focus your energy on things that you like doing. It’ll all fall into place.


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