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My 70 year old grandmother has recently come out as atheist to the family and my mum and dad looked straight at me, like I’ve forced her into it. Maybe she was just done with this mumbo jumbo and she finally wanted to live her life. Maybe she re-evaluated her life and thought “hey, I’ve been praying forever and my life could be a lot better, if I spent more time living it than asking an imaginary friend for it. My granddaughter is atheist and all she does is chill and have fun on this planet”. I’m not saying I didn’t coerce her like a Missionary from the 1600s, and made sure she saw how terrible organised religion is, but she could’ve come to it on her, own my parents can’t blame me, they have no proof.

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Being atheist is fine if we have respect for the supreme power that exists.


Being atheist doesn’t mean you don’t have respect for others who believe in God and it’s certainly not good to look down upon it.


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