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music has always been my escape for many things that happen throughtout my life…it has this weird way of making me relate to it without having to say a word, and heightening my sense of feelings, being able to express exactly how i feel without having to tell anyone but myself…kinda feel like im not making sense but thats the best way i cant put it

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Sameeeee. Even in my group, my friends are always awed about how I know about most of the songs , new or old. It’s an escape to me, and it has helped me to overcome all the toughest phases of my life! That line you said " being able to express myself without telling anyone" I relate to it soo much.


thats crazy!! ive also been that person in my friend group too…thats wild…

im glad you coul relate makes me feel like these thoughts i have are totallu normal too

Marry Canada @mrry



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