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Mujhe pyaar ni krna,
Mujhe pyaaaar ni krna,
Ab mujhe intezaar krna h
Mujhe intezar h ab koi mujhse pyaar kre,
Mujhe ab khud ko aur behtar ni banana,
Mujhe ab intezaar h koi mujhe jaisa hoon waisa hi aapnaye,
Mujhe ab ghanto intezar ni krna usse baat krn ko,
Mujhe ab intezaar h koi mujhse baat krn ko bekarar rhe
Mujhe ab khud ko fr se ni todna,
Mujhe ab intezaar h koi mujhse pyaar kre
Mujhe ab intezaar h jo meri sb kuch ho aur jiska mai sb kuch

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