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moving to a new city was daunting, I had thought that I would look at the world differently, that there would be people who would listen to me and will be with me. the first week of college was a nightmare, there was a lack of kind words and emotional support and it is imperative in the first week when you have moved somewhere. thus i had felt not wanted and there was no one that I could talk to. it has been a struggle more or less especially mental when you keep wondering what you should do with yourself but later i did find people who supported me and cared for me and i am very grateful for the people who are in my life right now

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Dear Sheph,
your story reminded me of mine. the ghost of loneliness in my early days of moving to delhi, and its winter. it was bittersweet, wouldโ€™ve been nice to have people to share my chai with in dilli ki sardi. but only i know how i dealt with that whole phase, when there was no one else to share that newness with me. no one who was also facing everything as i was. i was on my own for the longest and eventually i started warming up to some people at the office. it got better. and i understand how that was all part of the process to get to a point where i didnโ€™t feel lonely, but home is home. and family is family, and i miss it like anything.


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