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Morning Thoughts!

Its cold! Sitting in my room with my tea. But still thinking about her. In pain and agony. Still spiralling thoughts that, how could she do this to me? Was i nothing? I don’t know what to feel about her. Or in a broader sense what to feel about love? Its all messed up. I was the one who loves with all the heart but after the things that have happened, I don’t know how will i cope up with all this. Continous torture, every second she is there her face- her voice echoing in my head. I still can’t come to the fact that she did all this. I hope i will be better. I hope, I will fight this through i hope one day i see the rising sun, i hope one day i will feel blessed on a winter morning. I hope and love coz that’s what i am, i fight and i stay coz that’s what warriors do!

Peace out.

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Trust me…deal with your emotion as one at a time,eventually you’ll see results…after few months when you’ll look back you’ll feel proud of yourself


Yes, trying to do the same.


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