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Mom is hurting herself. She can’t handle herself. I am mentally affected because of it. I copy what she does. And I have hurt myself a lot. I learned and changed myself. But she is still doing the same. Stressed and depressed. She had BP also and is taking stroke pills and shit load of tablets all are affecting her system. She can’t sleep without a pill. She is that stressed. Seeing her like this is killing me alive. And as the daughter of the house I am most affected than others. I see her all day like this. She doesn’t eat food. She hates life. I am very depressed. I don’t know how to get her out of this. She has suffered in life and so she always talks negative. Someone please help me what to do.
My family can’t help me because my mom is so stubborn and they are not ready to force her. Mom also lost trust in father and brother so no one is able to force her. Also societal prestige related fear is making then forcing her (She shouts and sometimes does weird stuff when she is very emotional).
Father goes to work (not now because of Corona) and brother is staying near office. So I am kind of stuck seeing all these things. I am really depressed. Please someone help.

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Qbogdan @qbogdan

Try to stay with her more,try to understand more,maybe is a subject why she is worried about.Maybe she has anxiety,or maybe she just wants someone to understand her better.Ask her if she wants to go to a therapist or a psychologist with you,but ask her friendly.Go to someone where you can both share your experiences and sorrows,together.I know this is very hard for you,but you have to do something.I hope that you and your mother will feel better…


She things she has no problem and she is like this because of my father and brother. She is not ready to change. I really want to help her. Because I copy her so I somehow know the pain.


I really want you to know that as much as you want to help your mother, you need to remember that it has to come voluntarily from her. You cannot help someone till the time they want to be helped. Yes you can be there for her and care for her and try to show her the right way BUT it’s also imperative to remember that letting yourself get affected and disturbing your own mental peace will not help. You need to keep your own mental health in check as well, while helping her through this process. Please don’t let it consume you so much that you stop focusing on yourself!
All the best!


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