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Modern heartbreak is “read at 9:13 p.m.” when it’s 9:40. it’s unliked photos, it’s blocking and unblocking and blocking and unblocking. modern heartbreak is sick with being watched, it’s breakups playing out on twitter feeds, it’s unfollowed unfollowed unfollowed. it’s a broken jaw, it’s screenshotted photos that shouldn’t have been saved, it’s screenshotted texts meant for one person only. it’s seeing your ex lover with their new one, watching their lives playing out like yours didn’t, it’s phones thrown into bedroom walls when their profile changes from single to in a relationship. it’s snapchat stories to make that one person jealous because it feels like without them you’re nothing, it’s that one story expiring before they see it because they don’t give a fuck about you now and you know it, it’s deleting their contact info but wanting it tattooed on the back of your hand in case you ever want to call, it’s messy it’s messy it’s messy it’s so fucking messy because everyone fucking sees it and it never goes away.

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Afreen @afreen

This is so accurate nowadays it’s just through social media to make each other jealous.
There is no love left in any relationship due to the so called ‘hookup’ culture.
Everyone just want to hookup.
In a way social media has just spoiled all the relationship and it’s kind of toxic.
I wish I was born in 80s and could experience 90s love and the ‘real’ love.
Not the ‘social media’ love.

Sejal Sharma @sejalsharma

I absolutely hate internet love. Imma sucker for old fashioned romance!

Indie @indie

I’m feeling this so deeply right now ?

Gaurvi Narang @gaurvinaran...

It saddens me how real this is and how susceptible we are to this.


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