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Missing my ex today out of the blue. Everyone is getting married from my batch. He might be engaged by now. It has been two years since things ended between us and the relationship was toxic. I have been single since then because I was working on my attachment patterns and mental health so I don’t end up with someone like him again. Plus I didn’t put myself out there in the dating world really. Growing comfortable being on my own.
But today I’m getting flashbacks of the good and bad times we went through. It’s a bittersweet feeling.
I thought of talking about it to a friend but the dude is hated by everyone in my circle because of what happened between us. And people just change the topic and won’t let me finish thinking I will be unable to handle these emotions. I just wanted to acknowledge and process this out of my mind.
I hope our paths never cross Akshay. No hard feelings though. Thank you for the lessons. I owe my growth to your actions. I’m not being sarcastic here. You have inadvertently changed me from within for the better. Thank you very much. :)

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You are doing good and he might also be doing good. So just chillax. It happens and it’s happening more because of covid. Even me and my gf broke in March 2020 but I still thinks about it. Getting over the same was difficult as I was at home most of the time


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